Whilst DEAs are licensed and trained to deliver the highest level of service, we recognise
that there may be occasions when a customer feels that they are not fully satisfied and
may wish to seek a redress.

As a condition of license, when requested, all DEAs are required to provide you with a
written copy of this complaints procedure. HIPACE Limited operates a formal procedure
for handling customer complaints. In the interest of speedy and satisfactory resolution,
you are asked to follow the process outlined below.

(a) In the first instance, you are asked to make reasonable effort to informally resolve
the issue with the DEA conducting the survey or the relevant staff at HIPACE Limited.

(b) If you are dissatisfied with the resolution offered in (a) above you may take up the
matter with a director at HIPACE Limited. Recognising that sometimes a minor
misunderstanding can lead to a major dissatisfaction, the directors will seek to
resolve your complaint in an informal way. If you are unhappy with the resolution
offered by the director(s) you may wish to make a formal complaints as it is
outlined below.

(c) For a formal complaint you will be asked to provide a written summary of the nature
of your complaints and a chronology of events leading to your dissatisfaction.
Within 5 working days of receipt of your complaint you will be sent an
acknowledgment that it has been received and it is being examined.

(d) The managing director of HIPACE Limited would use his best endeavour to
examine the nature of your complaint and your supporting evidence/ statements.
The managing director may also review original site notes, photographs and other
supporting information to ascertain as much relevant information as possible and
to assist in the making of a decision.

(e) The managing director shall use his best endeavours to provide you with a written
response within 21 working days of receipt of your formal complaint. If longer time
is needed, you will be notified and an explanation made as to why this longer period
of time is required. The managing director may recommend ways to help resolve
your complaint.

(f) If you are still dissatisfied with the responses received in (c), (d) and (e) you may
escalate your complaint to the DEA's accreditation authority. If you are not already
aware of the name and contact details of the relevant accreditation authority this
information will be made available to you upon request.

(g) The accreditation authority may refer your complaint to an independent
adjudication service. All accredited DEAs are obliged to fully co-operate with
the independent intermediary. The decision of this arbitration shall be binding on
all parties unless it is overruled by a court of law in England and Wales.

(h) This process for dealing with complaints is intended to help parties pursue
legitimate complaints and resolve them quickly, with minimum cost and to ensure
the quality of service provided by the DEA is maintained. However, this process
does not affect your statutory rights in any way or prevent you from pursuing
a complaint through the courts.